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Title: Mathematical Model of Solar Battery for Balance Calculations in Hybrid Electrical Grids
Authors: Тимчук, Сергій Олександрович
Шендрик, Сергій Олексійович
Keywords: mathematical model; solar battery, current-voltage characteristic, balance calculation, hybrid electrical grid
Issue Date: 17-Nov-2017
Publisher: International Conference “Modern electrical and energy systems” (MEES 2017) November 15-17, 2017, Institute of Electro-mechanics, Energy Saving and Control Systems of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University, Kremenchuk, Ukraine.
Abstract: The results of mathematical modeling of a current– voltage characteristic of a solar battery are presented in this paper. It is assumed that power losses caused by nonidentity of solar cell characteristics, commutation, uneven temperature distribution and illumination can be taken into account integrally if the current–voltage characteristic of the solar battery is built on the basis of the current-voltage characteristics of solar cell groups. Mathematical functions for determination of the currentvoltage characteristic of a group of solar cells are obtained as a result of processing the experimental data of several groups of solar cells within a wide range of temperatures and illumination.
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