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Title: Factors of formation of professional competences of staff
Authors: Zaika, S. O.
Kuskova, S. V.
Keywords: intellectual capital
professional competencies
personnel management
intellectual value of the enterprise
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: БГАТУ
Citation: Zaika S. O., Kuskova S. V. Factors of formation of professional competences of staff. Материалы VII Международной научно-практической конференции "Актуальные проблемы инновационного развития и кадрового обеспечения АПК" (Минск, 4-5 июня 2020 года) / редкол.: Н. Н. Романюк [и др.]. Минск: БГАТУ, 2020. С. 534-538.
Abstract: The article studies the role and importance of professional training, career and career growth of personnel, that is, those factors that can influence the formation of professional competencies of each employee involved in the enterprise. It was determined that the management of the enterprise should be interested in the development of professional competencies of personnel, as a determining factor in the formation of its intellectual capital and intellectual value
ISBN: 978-985-25-0042-5
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